BeastBarrow launches Kickstarter project

Our BeastBarrow design just took one step closer to becoming a household name. A Kickstarter project has been created to raise funds for further growth and development. The financial goal for the project is $20,000, which is desired to be reached over a 45-day period.

We have a local manufacturer that is excited to make the first run. All we need to do is collect a large number of pre-orders. A high pre-order volume will help drive the manufacturing expenses down so we can pass along an affordable price to consumers. All funds will be used for manufacturing, future expansion of the BeastBarrow design, and testing the fit of the BeastBarrow attachment to different wheelbarrow brands.

Here is a breakdown of incentives for project backers: pledges over $25 will receive a “Swivel While You Work” t-shirt; pledges over $245 will receive an early bird order of the BeastBarrow swivel attachment and a wheel; and pledges over $295 will receive a regular order of the BeastBarrow swivel attachment and a wheel.

To support BeastBarrow financially to remain updated on our progress, please visit our Kickstarter project.

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