About Us

Our pursuit to create the most effective wheelbarrow is grounded with years of experience building custom homes in the Tallahassee, Florida region.

Our History

Alex Lunt has worked in residential construction for 20 years and has been building homes for the last 12 years as a Certified Residential Contractor. He’s always had a love for creating something new and original that makes work and life more manageable. When he can find a spare moment, he thinks and works on his new ideas.

Several years ago, he was brainstorming for a different project using the in-line wheel concept. While on the job site using a traditional wheelbarrow, he had the idea to try his in-line wheel design on a wheel barrow. Not long after, he developed the swiveling capability for the rear wheel. Thus, we have the birth of the BeastBarrow.

Our Vision

The purpose of the BeastBarrow is to lighten the work load, literally and figuratively, of those performing physically demanding tasks. Working outside in the elements is hard work! We know and understand because we do it every day. The BeastBarrow is simple to use, affordable for consumers, and epitomizes toughness and durability.

As drills and nail guns are preferred over screw drivers and hammers, it is our desire that the BeastBarrow be the preferred method of small load transportation. Further research and development is needed to help the BeastBarrow reach its fullest potential, so backer funds received will be used to accomplish this task.

see the beastbarrow in action


Step-by-step developments of the BeastBarrow brand.

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